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Welcome to the Other Side!


Other Side Services LLC is a locally owned and operated lawn landscape and pest control company in Vero Beach Fl. We specialize in large residential and small to medium commercial properties that require top quality services done by licensed professionals. All employees are licensed and insured. They have job knowledge, if you have a question just ask!

Our Vision

To constantly move towards long term environmentally friendly solutions for your landscape.

Other Side Services tips for your landscape

​Pest Control 101


Did you know proper cultural practices with your lawn and landscape will lessen the need for insecticide and herbicide on your property? We create most of the condusive conditions for insects to flourish. By correcting these conditions as part of our service we are helping our lagoon!

Plant a Vegetable Patch


Tomatos, peppers, and kale are wonderful additions to your landscape and they taste as good as they look!!!!!

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